Collage is incredibly well suited to how minds work in general. Thing is, a lot of what makes good art and other things, like humor, is that the person doing it :
1. gets into a position to get really rich things for free.
2. appreciates them. And then
3. uses them, maybe even with a sense of humor.

We normally don't even notice what we're being offered for free because it's not part of our picture of the world. We live under the permanent expectation of shortage.

And in a shortage-ridden world, good stuff can't get made. We just don't believe enough in generosity.

These collages were made over an 8-month period in 2000-2001. There are about 150 in the full set. I've gone through many periods of collaging since then, made lots of other sets, and they're all very different. This is just one kind.

click here to see some of the collages

















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