I have a Master's Degree in piano from St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia. I've been teaching piano for 30 years and I feel more comfortable letting others describe my work:

Tania Fel has extraordinary musical expertise. For more than 12 years I have interviewed and hired instructors. In all that time no one has ever impressed me as much as Tania Fel. She brings passion, skill and sensitivity together in the most compelling way.  
M. Miles (director of education at the Old Town School of Folk Music, where I was a teacher for 6 years)

Tania does not teach me just how to play piano. She teaches me how to love music.
Alexander (12 years old, student)

She is the best teacher I've ever had. With her help I discovered in myself the ability to do things I never expected. A life-changing experience (but don’t go to her if you want somebody to drill you).
M. Wasserman (student)

I started taking classes with Tania when I was 8. I can’t describe how valuable that experience was. Music has been an important part of my life because I had Tania as my first piano teacher.
Tamara Delisi

PLea-a-a-se don't tell me the lesson is finished already!!!
Kathy (5 years old, student)

You learn how to surprise your audience with the musical decisions that you make. In the process, you may surprise yourself. I do -- all the time. For ten years now...
Betsy Vandercook (student)

My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week!
Jeff Sargent (father of 10-year-old Tanya)

All ages, beginners to professionals.     
Call (773) 715-1136 or email me at tania1337@yahoo.com